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Sony:Digital camera equipped with 15 optics time zoom. 「DSC-H50」

ソニーは、コンパクトデジタルカメラ「サイバーショット Hシリーズ」の新モデル「DSC-H50」を、5月16日より発売する。
Sony puts new model "DSC-H50" of compact digital camera "Cyber shot H series" on the market on May 16.

9.1 million-pixel CCD/3.0 type multiangle liquid crystal monitor is installed in the body of 415g in weight with 116.1(width)x81.4 x86 (height)(depth) mm.
The movability type is adopted, and taking a picture by movable and various angles is possible up to the top and bottom 90 degrees.

Moreover, it adopts it the zoom lens 15 optics times.
Taking a picture that suppresses the blurring and the subject blur can be done by the high sensitivity setting of "Optical blurring correction" and ISO sensitivity 3200.
Engine "BIONZ" of the processing of the image of the adoption can be installed with this company digital single lens reflex camera "α", and the high-resolution take a picture.

このほか、前後に動く被写体を高精度にフォーカスできる「アドバンストスポーツ撮影モード」を搭載したほか、同社液晶TV「BRAVIA」とオプションのHD出力アダプターケーブルで接続することで、撮影した画像をハイビジョン画質で楽しめる「ブラビア プレミアムフォト」を利用可能だ。
Besides this, "Bra beer premium photo" to be able to enjoy the image of which it takes a picture by the high-definition television image quality can be used by connecting it with the HD output adaptor cable of this company liquid crystal TV"BRAVIA" and the option besides "Advanced sports shooting mode" that can do the focus of the subject that moves back and forth in high accuracy is installed.

The color prepares the black and silver.
The market assumption price is about 50,000 yen.

Product name
サイバーショット DSC-H50
Cyber shot DSC-H50
[DSC-H50] マルチアングル液晶を搭載した光学15倍ズーム対応のコンパクトデジタルカメラ(910万画素)。
[DSC-H50] Compact digital camera (9.1 million pixels) for 15 optics time zoom equipped with multiangle liquid crystal.
The market assumption price is about 50,000 yen.

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